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Upcycled Chicken Coop

Four years ago my wife persuaded me that getting chickens would be a good idea. Several years on and 2 extra chickens later; the inexpensive “temporary” chicken coop we first brought is starting to fall apart. With parts of the roof have come away allowing water to leak into the roosting area and nesting boxes.

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Weekend Project: Use your Raspberry Pi to play Steam games on your TV

Having recently become a father, I found that I was spending a lot more time in the living room in front of my TV and I knew that I was neglecting all those amazing games I had recently purchased in one of the many Steam sales. What could I do? I mean there is only so much prime time telly one can relax to before you’re stood at work discussing the finer points of why a dog can win a talent show.

I needed an escape from this drivel, one way to do this would be to stream my Steam library to my TV. There is an official way to do this of course using the Steam Link.

Steam Link
Steam Link box

A small set top box which connects to your main computer and then streams the game over your network to a device of your choice. At just shy of £40 it’s not a bad little device. However I have a Raspberry Pi to hand, as well as Moonlight an open source implementation of Nvidia’s GameStream protocol. 

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